V. Stiviano Text With Audio To Clippers Employee: "LET THE GAMES BEGAN"

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Before the recordings of Donald Sterling leaked to the public, V. Stiviano sent one tape to a Clippers employee—along with an ominous, all-caps message—when Sterling distanced himself from her.

A few weeks after Shelly Sterling filed suit against Stiviano and put a lien on her house, a Clippers employee informed Stiviano that Donald Sterling had revoked her usual Clippers tickets. She responded with a text and the recording. From the Los Angeles Times:

Stiviano texted that it didn't matter — another regular had given her tickets. The employee texted back: "Mr. Sterling said to let me know if you need anything. We don't want to have any issues at the game."

Stiviano responded: "No tell Mr. Sterling that I don't need anything nor do I want anything…But thanks for asking. LET THE GAMES BEGAN. . . ."

Two minutes later, Stiviano sent the employee an audio file. In it, Sterling could be heard making disparaging remarks about Magic Johnson, blacks and other minorities, and how he didn't want Stiviano associating with them publicly.


Stiviano also said that she later gave copies of the recording to her friends, in case Shelly Sterling attempted to intimidate her. She assumed that one of her friends leaked or sold the tape.

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