Vernon Davis And Aaron Maybin Enjoy Stripper-Laced Vacation

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In the past, NFL players had the luxury of a slower news cycle and no threat of grainy cellphone pictures—Joe Namath and Dan Fouts could attend a key party in peace, damnit. Those days are long, long gone.


49ers TE Vernon Davis and Bills LB Aaron Maybin are going to learn that the hard way after photos from a recent trip to Puerto Rico surfaced on Radar Online along with details of the four days of stripper-filled bacchanalia that ensued. Bacchanalian details such as:

Flying In Some Of The Finest Strippers From The DC Area.
The Radar source—undoubtedly one of the NFLers' friends, agents or publicists—says the near-violation of the Mann Act resulted in "lots of vodka drinks flowing." Vodka drinks that lead to...

A Sexy Game Of Football
In between the "the days and nights partying and rough housing," one of the ladies challenged the group to a game of football, cooing—and likely twirling her hair—"I want to be tackled," before Davis and Maybin did just that. No word on the final score, but the source mentions that the young woman, "really enjoyed partying with the guys."

So there you have it. You know know how Vernon Davis and Aaron Maybin spent a recent four-day stretch of their offseason. The 49ers and Bills combined to go 14-18 last season.

Headline fixed. Sorry, Cameron.

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