Very Few Of Those 1.3 Billion Are Good Basketball Players

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Team USA got back to their ass-romping ways this morning, beating China by a score of 121-90. Despite the presence of Yao Ming, China's not that good of a team. Really, they're probably the most poorly-equipped team to play the United States; they prefer (an unathletic) man defense, and their guards and prone to turnovers, and if that's your style, you might as well go ahead and sew "Dwyane Wade's Bitch" onto the back of everyone's jersey where their name used to be.

You could tell within the first two minutes that this game would be completely different from the Puerto Rico game. China just seemed to take the attitude of, "Well, we have Yao and a bunch other guys with similar haircuts, so we should be okay. Hey, let's just all have fun, because this is really all about brotherhood." They seemed content to just show up and take their beating.


Next up for Team USA are the Slovenians, who should actually provide a much tougher test. I'm also guessing that you'll see ESPN find a way to get Stephen A. Smith on a broadcast before Tuesday morning, just so he can say "Rrrrasho. Nesterovic." Other NBA names on the Slovenian roster that you might be familiar with (if you really like the NBA) include Primoz Brezec, Bostjan Nachbar, and Beno Udrih.

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