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We didn't get into this yesterday, but all told, we find it pretty amazing that Mr. Mexico has decided to check into jail three weeks early. We understand that it's a plan to look contrite in front of the judge ... but it's still taking quite a risk, wethinks.

That is to say: Vick is in jail right now, but there's no guarantee that he'll receive any leniency for the early booking. It's possible that he gave up three weeks of freedom for nothing.


The sentencing is expected to be within 12 and 18 months, and, all told, if we were facing that much time, we might take time to enjoy our last three weeks of freedom. In a few months, he might wish he had those three weeks back. Of course, maybe he just didn't want to watch Byron Leftwich again. Tough to blame him there.

Vick Begins Prison Sentence Early [Atlanta Journal Constitution]

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