Victim 1 Would Hide Under A Pool Table: A Roundup Of The First Two Days Of The Jerry Sandusky Trial

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The trial of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky began Monday morning in Bellefonte, Pa. Here's some of what's worth noting from the first two days of testimony:

• Victim 4, who alleges he was abused in the late 1990s, when Sandusky was still working as Penn State's defensive coordinator, testified Monday for nearly five hours. Now 28 years old, he said he was treated "like the mascot" of the PSU program. He had no positive male role model, so the allure of being so close to Penn State football reeled him in. [Yahoo]


• Victim 4 said Sandusky's wife, Dottie, had witnessed one of the assaults in a hotel room. [@ben_jones88]

• At one point, Victim 4 said, Sandusky took LaVar Arrington's uniform out of his locker and let Victim 4 wear it. [@ben_jones88]

• "'He treated me like a son in front of other people,' the witness said, sternly, with an air of scolding toward the defense attorney. 'Aside from that, he treated me like his girlfriend.'" [Yahoo]

• "'I spent so many years burying this in the back of my mind—forever,' [Victim 4] said. 'I thought I was the only one, and I was OK with that. I feel responsible now for what happened to the other victims.'" [Philadelphia Inquirer]

• Several of the so called "creepy love letters" Sandusky had written to Victim 4—many of which were written on Penn State letterhead—were displayed. This is from one: "I know that I have made my share of mistakes. I hope that I will be able to say that I cared. There has been love in my heart. My wish is that you care and have love in your heart. Love never ends." This is from another: "I write because you mean so much to me. I write because of the churning in my stomach when you don't care." [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

• Victim 4 said Tom Bradley, a longtime Penn State assistant coach who took over when Joe Paterno was fired last November, once saw him and Sandusky in a shower together but did not leave the two of them alone. "I think he was suspicious," Victim 4 said. [Patriot-News]


• Victim 4 estimated that Sandusky had touched him inappropriately in the Penn State football building showers "probably 50 times." [Patriot-News]

• "Contracts" were also written up, ostensibly on behalf of The Second Mile, that detailed how much time Victim 4 was to spend with Sandusky each week. A Second Mile representative testified that he had never seen the contracts before, while also adding that were not typically something the organization would draw up. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]


• All in all, Victim 4 did not back down under cross examination. [Yahoo]

• Victim 1, the 18-year-old Clinton County boy whose initial allegation a few years ago led to the probe of Sandusky that eventually widened to include all the other victims, took this stand this morning. He also had no father figure upon meeting Sandusky. [@ben_jones88]


• The sobs of Victim 1 during portions of his testimony were "loud and prolonged," and at times he was "gasping for breath" as he told of being abused. [Yahoo]

• The routine for how Sandusky abused Victim 1 was laid out as follows: "Games and activities, taking him to his house for meals, kissing him goodnight, cracking his back as they lie face-to-face, blowing on his stomach, 'like you do to a little baby to get them to laugh,' and then performing oral sex." [Patriot-News]


• Victim 1 said he "blacked out" the first time Sandusky "put his mouth on my privates." [Yahoo]

• "My mind was telling me to move, but I couldn't move," Victim 1 said of that first encounter. [Patriot-News]


• A Children and Youth Services caseworker testified that Sandusky admitted to her he had touched Victim 1 by "blowing raspberries on his stomach, rubbing his back and kissing him on the forehead," though Sandusky denied doing anything sexual. [Patriot-News]

• When Victim 1 first approached a guidance counselor at his school to complain about Sandusky, this was the response he testified he received: "They said he has a heart of gold and wouldn't do something like that, so they didn't believe me." [Patriot-News]


• "Victim 1 would hide under a pool table trying to stay away from Sandusky so he wouldn't be molested." [ben_jones88]

• Sandusky's attorney, Lawyerin' Joe Amendola, tried to zero in on any inconsistencies. He asked Victim 1 why he and his mother had hired a civil attorney; Victim 1 said it was because of the press attention. Asked point-blank if he or his mother had told anyone they would become wealthy because of this case, Victim 1 said, "No." [Patriot-News]


• This is how one of Victim 1's exchanges with Amendola went, according to Yahoo's Dan Wetzel:

"The witness cracked and put his hands to his face and began crying.

'It's hard enough to tell the people in the jury what happened let alone the size of the people in this room,' the witness said, in a loud voice at Amendola. 'I'm sorry—you are asking the same question over and over and I am going to give you the same answer over and over.'

'Would you like to take a break?' Amendola asked.

'I'd like you to stop asking me the same question,' the witness said.

'I'm actually asking a different one,' Amendola said.

'You're rewording them.'"

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