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Victorino Beer Drencher Inspires Fans Around The World

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An Australian Rules Footballer was the victim of a copycat beer thrower, no doubt inspired by the Wrigley Field hooligans who doused Phillie Shane Victorino. You mess with the bull, you get a cup of Foster's thrown in your face.


And by "mess with the bull," I mean "shake hands with children after a match." (Watch the video here.) The woman—a Brisbane fan who "holds a Victorian-based Lions Membership with AFL entry rights," which I assume is Australian for "season tickets"—has already apologized for hurling the frosty beverage at Brad Johnson of the Western Bulldogs. Like the Cubs fan, she was hunted down by the media and quickly surrendered, but has not been identified by name.

However, she is "extremely remorseful" and prays that she can make restitution and/or not lose her seats. She feels terrible about getting caught, but still has no regrets about refusing to put her phone call on hold. The beer wasn't that good anyway.

So will this trend sweep the globe? What sports are next? Badminton? Curling? Beer league softball? (That would be a real tragedy.) It's good to see that so many people can afford to throw away expensive beverages in this economy, but let's throw them into our stomachs instead.

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