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Last night we sent out a tweet asking for video of the kid—then just a rumor—that allegedly came out on to the field at the Alamodome, during the Alamo Bowl, and, we heard, "ran out of the stands from behind the Texas end zone, was at midfield before anyone really saw him and was in the other end zone before security started in," and "then he jumped into the stands and ran up the stairs and out one of the section tunnels, presumably to freedom."


A lot of people made Mack Brown jokes. But it turns out a real person did in fact run onto the field, and do almost exactly what our tipster said he did. That last bit—the escaping to to freedom bit—didn't quite happen, though: SB Nation points out that the fan was eventually found and ejected. Still, considering how long he spent on a football field, on national television in front of thousands of people, striking poses and wearing a teal shirt, "eventually" is the operative word here. Quick on the draw, those Alamodome security guards.

h/t Lane

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