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Video Shows Devin Booker And Tyler Ulis Scuffling With Some Dudes In An Elevator [Update]

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TMZ Sports posted a video today showing former Suns guard and current free agent Tyler Ulis getting into a fight with three anonymous guys in a Tempe, Arizona elevator in May 2017, then later fending them off with the help of Devin Booker.

Per TMZ, the scrap got started when Ulis was holding the elevator open for his friends when the other guys showed up and tried to take the elevator:

When Tyler tried to block them ... they took offense and a scuffle broke out. One guy grabbed Tyler while another man put him in a headlock. The fight spilled out of the elevator and into the hallway.


There are two parts to this saga, the first consisting of Ulis getting moderately fucked up by the mob of anonymous dudes, though, to be fair, he was alone, then decided to instigate. This first half is filled with headlocks, a small amount of minor shoving, and a few of the other boring formalities you’d see, funny enough, in a normal NBA fight. There were a few punches though!

The second part is when it gets interesting. Then-teammate Devin Booker—a close friend of Ulis’s who voiced his displeasure when the Suns got rid of Ulis this summer—showed up with a face bandana and two friends. They arrived on the scene and threw some actual punches and kicks as the other dudes decided to flee. Ulis, Booker, and Friend In A Blue Polo then proceeded to chase the much smaller and mismatched shovers away. As far as we can tell from the video, Booker didn’t throw any punches, serving more as 6-foot-6 backup, though Ulis appears to have thrown some jabs at several of the men, including one outside the building.

We’ve reached out to the Suns for comment, and we will update this post when they respond.

Update (7:35 p.m. ET): A Suns spokesperson told me that they’re currently looking into the matter.

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