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Vikings Punter (And Crossfit Fan) Chris Kluwe Trolled The Shit Out of Gawker Last Night

Yesterday, Gawker's Hamilton Nolan wrote a post that was critical of the Crossfit™ workout regimen for (among other things) being an expensive, injury-inducing cult fad. Nolan was subsequently greeted in the discussion by a lengthy reply from "Loate," who identified himself as "a currently active NFL player (albeit 'just' a punter)." "Loate" defended the Crossfit™ workout before proceeding to take apart Nolan's argument bit by bit. We recommend that you head over to Gawker to read the entire tirade for yourself, but here's a sample:

3. Try not ordering the jumbo colon-blow size soda four times a week or hammering down $10 beers and watch the money roll in. Or fuck, I don't know, consider it an investment against NOT developing diabetes and raging bedsores because you can't lift your grotesquely overweight carcass from your bedside at 45 years old. Or just do the fucking workouts in a junglegym, half of them don't require any equipment you turdsloth.


Pow! That "'just' a punter" gag led us to assume "Loate" was indeed Kluwe, since it was just last summer that Kluwe angrily responded to Nate Jackson's takedown of him and his opinions here on Deadspin because he's—yep—just a punter. We've known for some time that Kluwe has commented on Kotaku and io9, but this is the first time we've seen him respond in the discussions with such fury. We reached out to Kluwe to make sure. Here was his response:

Yeah that was me, gave me something to do during my spare time in the dorms last night :p



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