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Vikings Trade First-Round Pick For Sam Bradford [Update]

Photo credit: Don Wright/Associated Press

Sam Bradford, who demanded the Eagles trade him during an extremely weak holdout, ended up getting his wish today after Philadelphia sent him to the Vikings in return for a first-round pick next year and an additional one in 2018.

That’s stunning, given nobody wanted to give up anything for Bradford just a few weeks ago. He carries the burden of a two-year, $22 million guaranteed contract and a distinct lack of quarterbacking ability, and the Eagles figured they were better off eating it than putting Chase Daniel behind center until rookie Carson Wentz is available—which might take longer than expected, given that he’s recovering from broken ribs.


That the Vikings would resort to this degree is nearly inexplicable. Bradford isn’t leading them to a Super Bowl any more than some random scrub like Shaun Hill could, after all.

Conspiracy theory: the NFL engineered the trade so the Eagles will have a first-round pick when Philadelphia hosts the draft next year.

Update (11:24 a.m.): Are you kidding me?

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