It’s been a long while since the Main Line had a championship to celebrate, but Villanova students more than made up for it. The party spilled out of the Pavilion and onto the streets and ran through the early morning, and saw numerous injuries and arrests, including two for, um, assaulting a police horse.

Here was the scene at the on-campus watch party:

As police in riot gear looked on, Nova students celebrated in the streets. There were reports of small bonfires as people burned trees, a sofa, and toilet paper. Someone damaged a fire truck by chucking a glass bottle at it.

According to police, eight people were arrested, four of them for disorderly conduct, apparently for starting fires. Two others were booked for assaulting a police horse, details of which are not available yet.

Twenty-five people were treated for minor injuries, with five of them requiring hospitalization. Unclear if that total included this girl, who has an awful lot of blood on her hand:


Here’s some helicopter footage of the scene:

Here are some more photos of the street celebrations, all from the AP: