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Vince Carter's Your Daddy

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Vince Carter bitch slapped his former team, scoring 39 points, hitting a game-tying three at the buzzer, and reverse dunking in the Nets 129-127 OT win over Toronto. The loss was bittersweet for the Raptors' Chris Bosh who finished the game with 42 points. New Jersey's Devon Harris contributed his own 30 points to the win before calling Carter's performance "incredible". "He's been doing that his whole career, but I've never seen it firsthand," Harris said. "I was out there watching it just like everybody else." Harris' performance came despite feeling a little pukey from his pre-game grilled cheese sandwich. Word on the street is that he left the game, threw up, and came back. All in attendance were glad he did it in that order. • In other OT news, Dwight Howard had a double-double in Orlando's 100-98 win over Indiana. Howard finished with 24 points, 17 rebounds and five blocks. Unfortunately if your name is Dwight Howard, nobody is impressed. Especially teammate Jameer Nelson. "It's not a shock to us when he has games like that anymore,'' Nelson said. "He's done it so many times in his career so far, we expect numbers like that from him. He's our guy and we expect him to do great things for us.'' Geez. Tough crowd. • Elton Brand hit a 15 footer with less than a minute to go to give the 76ers the 89-88 win over the Clippers. This was Brand's first game against the team he jilted with no explanation after last season for an $80 million contract with Philadelphia. LA coach Mike Dunleavy is still playing the woman scorned. "If he called me up and said, 'Coach, I know I told you I was coming back, but I think a situation came up that's better for my family, I'm going to move on,' then, hey, sorry to hear it, but I wish you the best and good luck," Dunleavy said before the game. Yeah, right. • I happened to be in attendance for the Wizards inspiring 103-91 loss to the Rockets. Washington held a number of leads as high as 12 points and managed to blow them all. The high point of the game was the unveiling of Gilbert Arenas' wax statue, a reminder to the fans who may have forgotten what Gilbert looks like in uniform. • The Knicks took on the Bucks with a limited roster thanks to yesterday's trading frenzy so Stephon Marbury finally got his chance to play. He said no.

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