Well, Vince Young is having himself an active offseason so far. First, he had to explain himself and apologize for that shirtless night out with his Texas cronies and, now, he's admitting that the pressures of the NFL almost drove him to retire after his first season.

In an an interview with NFL.com, Young vents:

"I really thought long and hard about it.There was so much going on with my family. It was crazy being an NFL quarterback. It wasn't fun anymore. All of the fun was out of it. All of the excitement was gone. All I was doing was worrying about things.

"My teammates helped lift me out of it. I prayed really hard. And I began to focus on God's calling for me. Play football. Be a role model."


Hmm. So, maybe that's why Vince's eyes were closed and he was half-naked — he was praying. Maybe he's been reading and studying this book in an attempt to reinvigorate himself.

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Pressure Almost Pushed Vince Young Out After One Season [ESPN]