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News And Notes From Week 6 In the NFL

• We're not going to harp on this, because it's just going to make us upset, but with a chance to go to 4-2 and have a full game lead in the NFC West ... the Buzzsaw lost to the Vinny Testaverde yesterday. And the Kurt Warner injury didn't make all that much difference; they'd have lost if he played as well. The NFC West winner very well might be under .500 this year.


• Today marks the two-week anniversary since we ran our lost Norv Turner Looking Forlorn On The Sidelines photo. There might be something to this give-it-to-LaDaianian and get the hell out of the way thing.

• We wonder if, they had a chance to do it over, if "The Sopranos" would still pick Eric Mangini to play a prominent role in its penultimate episode.


• It's a good thing the Patriots had the last game yesterday, or Boston sports fans would have slept, like, three hours. The Patriots have to make those seven-run 11th innings feel a little better, we'd think.

• We have to come to the belief that the only way to fix the Bears is to put Kyle Orton at quarterback and on the offensive line.

• If Vince Young is out for any period of time, the Titans will regret not grabbing Vinny Testaverde would they could. Hell, we're sure they run the exact same offensive system; they're pretty much the same player.

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