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Virginia Tech Basketball Coach Is A Purveyor Of Dank Memes

Today, Virginia Tech men’s basketball coach Buzz Williams tweeted (and then deleted) the above meme, which a) is very perplexing, in terms of what it means, but also b) fucking rules so hard.

You’ve got your soldiers and your shattered war-zone hellscape, and here in the foreground you’ve got Tom Brady. “Opportunities are never lost...” we are told: “Someone will take the ones you miss....” Is Tom Brady taking the soldiers’ opportunities? Are they taking his? Are Tom Brady and the soldiers taking my opportunities? Who knows. Who can know. All I know is that I feel newly protective of my fuckin’ opportunities, man. And isn’t that the point? (Maybe.)


This weird hardcore Tom Brady meme led the Deadspin staff down a rabbithole of Buzz Williams’s #wednesdaywisdom memes, and they are all good as hell. Here are some of my favorites. I am sure they will inspire you to run through a brick wall, if for no other reason than the possibility that someone who can explain what the hell they mean is standing on the far side of that wall.


Hell yeah, man. Hell fuckin’ yeah. Dare to get greatness lodged in your fuckin’ trachea, man.


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