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Those of you who hate Mitch Albom, be advised โ€” your reason for living has returned. After a five-month layoff, the blog Mitch Albom is a Terrible Writer has returned โ€” full of vim, vigor and gleeful contempt for its subject, the author and columnist for the Detroit Free Press. Excerpt:

"Mitch Albom is a shithead. He just wrote a dreadfully insignificant article about John Lennon. To attempt to lend himself credibility, Albom notes that as a child he dreamt of becoming a musician. Instead, he became the worst writer of both the 20th and 21st centuries โ€” quite a distinction."

We became familiar with this blog while doing research for Why Your Hometown Columnist Sucks and were sad to see it had gone dark. So where has this blog been for five months? The author, who calls himself "Morrie Schwarzenegger," tells a tale of South American adventure and political intrigue that sounds suspiciously like the plot to the Russell Crowe movie Proof of Life. But anyway, he's back, and Mitch Albom might want to consider a restraining order.


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