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Volleyball Fainter Is Fine, Thanks For Asking

Watching Nikki Allen, USC's director of volleyball operations, talk...stagger...sway...timmm-ber! a vintage YouTubian moment which will undoubtedly follow her around for years. Thankfully, she's fine — she was just a little nervous and jet-lagged.


Wayne Gentry, the barefoot reporter for WMBB news who was interviewing her at the time, gave her some crackers after she revived and redid the spot. Allen flew in from California at 4:30 a.m. for the Panama City Beach volleyball event and also told Gentry she was a "little nervous" going on television for the first time. Really? Didn't show it.

But even more embarrassing than Allen's faint was the non-reaction of Dan Rowe, executive director of Panama City's Tourist Development Council, who stood there with his hands in his pockets like a hapless dope while she woozily falls face-first into the sand. Your membership in the Helping Damsels In Distress Club has been revoked, Mr. Rowe. (Note: Not a real club. But it should be.)

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