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Von Miller Isn't Impressed By "Fake Gronk" Travis Kelce

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The Kansas City Chiefs are seemingly allergic to throwing to their wide receivers—a true WR still hasn’t caught a touchdown pass since 2013—but Travis Kelce is one of Alex Smith’s favorite targets. The tight end’s size and ability to break tackles is quite similar to Rob Gronkowski, the Gronk Lite to the original Gronk, if you will. Von Miller probably wouldn’t agree with that, however.


As the first half of Thursday night’s game wound down, Kelce was asked to block on a Jamaal Charles run. He got matched with Miller, and the Broncos linebacker tossed Kelce to the ground before chirping in his face.


After the game, Miller tweeted that play at Kelce, in case the tight end had forgotten, and also called him “fake Gronk”:


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