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Von Miller Tries To Woo Kirk Cousins To Denver With Cereal And Rainbows

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Assuming Washington isn’t crazy enough to franchise him—though no moronic idea should ever be put past a team owned by Dan Snyder—Kirk Cousins appears to be headed to free agency. Von Miller would really like you to know he wants Cousins to sign with the Broncos.

First, there was Miller’s appearance on the Dan Patrick Show during Super Bowl week:

The gist, for those readers not inclined to watch a one-minute video:

“He knows exactly how I feel about Kirk Cousins and what he would mean to our team—and what he would mean to a lot of teams. He’s the hot quarterback on the market right now. … Yeah, I’ve had a conversation with him. ... Yeah, we need Kirk. We need Kirk; I would like to have Kirk. We have great quarterbacks now. Kirk could take us over the edge.”


(Does it sound like Miller kept referring to Cousins as Kurt? It sounds like Miller kept referring to Cousins as Kurt. I sincerely want to believe that wasn’t an accident.)

Then came the cereal push:

Which was followed by the rainbow nudge:


Free agency doesn’t begin until March 14, so there’s plenty of time for Miller to keep upping the ante with Creed’s Greatest Hits.

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