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Vote Neshek, Everybody!

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Twins reliever Pat Neshek is having a rather outstanding year, with an ERA at 1.37 and pitching in that submarine way we always find charming. He's actually one of the five finalists for the last American League All-Star spot, voted on by fans on And he's unleashing his secret weapon to bring out the vote: His entertaining blog.

WOW, how cool is getting nominated. I don't know what to say it's unreal to even think about. But man I need you guys to vote, vote and vote, it's unlimited voting...tell everyone you know and come together and get creative we have like 5 days or something! We need everyone, all Minnesotan's, all graphers, fans of baseball and yes everyone in Yankee Nation ( and we know why!) I seriously would like to promise everyone All Star balls or jerseys for voting but it might be a stretch...I will promise this, if you guys can get me in I will write about everything that goes on... multiple updates each day letting everyone know what the heck goes on behind closed doors I don't know what else to say it would be the greatest feeling in the world to be voted in by you guys. Please tell everyone to vote multiple times:)


As uncomfortable as it might be for us to say this, considering Neshek ended his blog entry with a smiley face, we are encouraging everyone to vote Neshek into the All-Star Game. Why? He reads Deadspin! In an interview with Buster Olney, Neshak, when asked how much time he spends on the Web a day, wrote, "Probably about 2 hours a day on the net. I always start it by checking some e-mails, checking the baseball blog sites, newspapers, google, stocks, eBay, rotoworld player news, fantasy baseball sites,, deadspin, my site, then back to all the sites to see if anything new has popped in ha ha :) ... I probably visit about 25 sites before I start my day ... I'm an info freak and feel like it's a big reason why I have advanced."

An All-Star player who hangs out around here? We're sold. We encourage everyone to vote Neshek; if you make it in, Pat, we're fully expecting you to have "Deadspin" written on the bottom of your cap. Vote early, vote often.


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