Tonya Harding, a 39-year-old disgraced former figure skater who still has horny fans, and Joseph Jens Price, 42-year-old "real nice, blue-collar-type guy," were married June 26 by Pastor Lloyd Ward of the Community Church of God in Vancouver, Wash.

This should end well.

(As is dutifully pointed out on, Image Copyright Tonya Harding. The caption also points out that Tonya and "new husband" are "blooming with joy." Aw.)



Barring any unforeseen sporting calamities/inspirations, Weekend Daddy hereby cedes the mic to prepare for tonight's ultra-compelling Cubs/Phillies showdown. (What can I say, besides I'm the type of fool who thinks Gorzelanny actually has a shot to beat Halladay.) See you next Saturday.