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Wacky Chiefs Fans In Philly Deserve High-Def, Super-Slow-Mo Treatment

We opened last night's GIF roundup with this pre-game NFL Network moment of Chiefs fans at a Philadelphia bar, but the whole episode really deserves close analysis. There's just so much going on here, so we we slowed it down a bunch & uploaded it at the full HD resolution.


(We recommend you hit that HD button & view it in fullscreen.)

Here's just a few of the characters we're fond of in this tableau. Point out your favorites below!

We don't know if he actually touched Melissa Stark, but he sure looks like he wants to!


We are really fond of this couple and want to know their backstory. They are worth a watch just on their own.


This man appears to suffer the agony-ecstasy cycle several times during the segment.


Don't overlook finger-licker's pal, either.

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