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Wade Boggs, venerable hit machine and moustachioed gadabout, has always seemed to be an odd, shady guy. There was that messy affair with Margo Adams. Then he started popping up in hair plug commercials. Then he inducted WWE's Curt Henning into the Wrestling Hall of Fame last year. His boozing on road trips was other wordly.


Now, he's basically trolling around Tampa, willing to talk to horny ladies like the one seen above while making odd hand gestures.

But this Sunday, he'll be back talking about baseball. On April 13, he'll appear on Baseball Tonight as a guest analyst, part of an ongoing "Hall of Fame" series.


For some reason, Wade just doesn't seem like he'll be up to the task at hand; the years of torment, boozing and horn-dogging have completely zapped him of the ability to articulate anything above twiddling his fingers, answering yes or no questions or belching. (Ed. Note: We know the feeling.)

Hopefully, he'll be wearing that shirt during the broadcast.

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(Photo courtesy of Local Hotties)

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