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You might remember, back in February, when MJD told you about Cowboys coach Wade Phillips' most attractive daughter. Well, now she's got an acting career. It seems to be going well.


Turns out, she's that Charlie Wilson's War. We haven't seen it yet. She plays a belly dancer.

I had done minimal belly dancing prior to this. But I am a dancer - I've danced my whole life - I am pretty adept at learning different kinds of movement. ... It was all pretty natural to me - I didn't feel like it was a stretch for me to do that style of dance.

How about those Cowboys?

I watch every game! I mean, I watch every game, I read sports blogs, I go on all the time. I grew up with football. It becomes important when it's not just a livelihood, but when your life depends on it - whether you're going to move to a different city, or if you're gonna get fired. ... I'm really invested.


That's right, fellers; she reads sports blogs. Step right up.

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