Wahhhhhhhhh You Put Politics In My Sports!

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Last week, we posted this column making fun of Gregg Easterbrook's criticism of President Obama filling out a bracket. Now, this wasn't really a political post. It was a post designed to say to horrible things about Gregg Easterbrook, which I'd argue is a nonpartisan cause. But here is what happens anytime you mention ANYTHING vaguely political in any sport story of any kind…



To anyone who complains about any sports column or article that occasionally ventures into the political arena: SHUT THE FUCK UP. You will live. I know that sounds hard to believe, given that your precious sports innocence has been corrupted now because someone made a Sarah Palin joke, but seriously, you'll fucking survive.

Sports don't exist in a bubble. They're part of the real world, which means shit overlaps from time to time. It's not a goddamn layer of insulation you can always expect to shield you from someone saying they don't like Harry Reid. If you're so naïve as to think sports can always provide you with a safe haven from someone mentioning the name "Obama," then I bet you're a real fucking whiz when it comes to playing Candy Land.

I am constantly amazed by the people who will INSTANTLY bitch any time anything remotely political is brought up in an arena they find unsuitable for such things. OMG! The President is on ESPN! YOU BROKE THE SEAL OF TRUST! NO ONE DOES THAT WITHOUT SIGNING A PERMISSION SLIP!

Now, most of us are here because we don't give a flying shit about politics. If we want politics, we go to Real Clear Politics or Huffington MILFtube whatever other fuckhead site exists for people who wear bow ties and like to start flame wars. Sports are often divorced from politics because they're, you know, SPORTS. But occasionally, worlds do collide. When it comes to labor battles, drug controversies, the relationship between coaches and players… those things have political dimensions that are often worth exploring. Therefore, you may hear someone (probably Craggs) include a political reference while talking about something sporty because they think it's relevant, or whatever. YOU WILL FUCKING LIVE. It's not like AJ wants to turn this site into Deadsponkette and declare his love of abortions. That would be stupid.


So the next time you see the President on your ESPN or something like that, take it for what it is: An occasional convergence. And if that isn't enough for you… if you're such a delicate little flower as to crumple in the face of such things, then stitch up your gash and go have a drink.

Oh, and I voted for Fred Manfredjensen to be my county school board commissioner last year. Deal with it.