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Anyone who has gone to a university with a prominent sports program can tell you about the experience of seeing one of your player driving a vehicle that you wouldn't think they'd be able to afford. We can all justify it in our brains, hey, they just saved up for it, but we all know better. But do we report it?

It appears someone has reported Darren McFadden's Cadillac — a Cadillac? Nice! — and now he could be in danger of missing the Cotton Bowl.

If D-Mac received the car as a payment for future services, he is then a professional and no longer eligible for college football. That would mean no Cotton Bowl. If he simply went in and bought the car, got a loan like any other shopper, with a delayed payment plan, he is still within NCAA guidelines and would be eligible for the bowl game. Razorback fans have to be hoping it's the latter case. Sports Information Director Kevin Trainor told us that the University is aware of the situation and that their compliance director is investigating.


Something tells us that if the unlikely happens, and McFadden misses the game, he'll sigh deeply, enter the NFL Draft and then take a big bath in a pile of money. He'll be devastated, we're sure.

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