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Earlier today, the NFL announced that Chiefs OLB Tamba Hali will be suspended for one game and lose two game checks. That was all the detail we had. The league's policy clearly dictates four games for performance-enhancing drugs, so it wasn't that. Greg Aiello said the violation "isn't defined specifically by the substance policy" so it wasn't a simple failed drug test. So what precisely went down?

A good mystery can only last so long. Pro Football Talk just reported that a league source indicated Hali was arrested at some point, and this is the league's chosen on-field punishment for that off-the-field transgression.


Hold on, what? A star football player was arrested, prosecuted, and either found or plead guilty, all without anyone finding out until the league announced a suspension? That's amazing! The Chiefs were able to keep this one out of the media for however many months the judicial process took, and the KC media's pretty damn nosy. (Look at all the stuff Kent Babb got on Scott Pioli, the world's worst boss.) In a world where athlete arrests become common knowledge before they've even made bail, Hali's case wasn't brought to light by a team employee, or a police source, or even a Raiders fan scanning the county jail records. And even now, we still don't know exactly what happened. You can't even be mad. In 2012, this might be a bigger accomplishment than winning a Super Bowl.

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