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Wanna Get Traded? Punch A Teammate!

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NBA teams make trades to build for the future, make a run for the title, or clear salary cap space—but sometimes they just don't want to look at some guy's mug any longer.

Chris Mihm was traded from the probable 2009 champions in L.A. to the basketball graveyard known as Memphis yesterday in exchange for ... nothing. The Lakers actually gave cash and in return, received a conditional 2013 draft pick that they will never be able to cash in. Officially, it had nothing to do with this shoving match between Mihm and DJ Mbenga at practice on Monday. Coach Phil Jackson even says that everyone liked the guy a lot. But I'm just going to go ahead and say that if it's a choice between one backup center and another backup center who likes to get punchy... you're going to stick with the non-punchy guy.


So anyway, if you're looking to find a new home and want to properly alienate management to facilitate that move, clocking a teammate in the face would certainly help. Oh, and be sure to call Stephen A. Smith after you do. He's working hard today!

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