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Want Melissa Joan Hart To Follow You on Twitter? Commit To Alabama

Illustration for article titled Want Melissa Joan Hart To Follow You on Twitter? Commit To Alabama

Melissa Joan Hart, forever beloved to angsty '90s teens for Clarissa Explains It All, spent her weekend on Twitter following high school players who've committed to the Crimson Tide, reported today.


Clarissa can explain it all, even the two-back formation.

Hart's fondness for Roll Tide isn't a secret. She explains how her husband's love for the team became a family affair in a recent ESPN video. BamaOnline's Twitter feed wished her a happy birthday earlier this year.


But any fan can go to a game, get dressed up, and do the cheers. It takes next-level fandom to set up your Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute news. Hart is that fan, as explains.

The actress, best known for her role on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," went on a Twitter binge over the weekend and began following multiple Alabama commits, including Florence linebacker Keaton Anderson, five-star quarterback Blake Barnett and even 2016 commit Shyheim Carter. She follows at least 10 Alabama recruits on Twitter, plus many former and current Alabama football players and coaches.

OK, small correction, because Hart obviously is best known for her role as one of the most beloved teens in Nickelodeon history in Clarissa Explains It All, remembered for its realistic portrayal of teen life, Clarissa's monologues to the camera, and effervescent show titles (like Clarissa Explains Dating And What To Do When It Happens To You). The Orlando Sentinel went so far as to compare her to Annie Hall and, after thinking about it, I agree.

As for Twitter, Hart wasn't happy just following the commits. She needs up to the minute news and also followed a bunch of reporters too:'s Matt Scalici, Andrew Gribble, and John Talty. I'm gonna guess that Talty's tip was his new follower notification.

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