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There’s a post on attempting to sell a few sport coats that allegedly belong to Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. Have you ever wanted to dress like a leathery plutocrat? Well, if you’ve got $400 lying around, now is your chance.

Let’s see what we’ve got here.

Here’s a good option for your next party at the yacht club. You’ll look great while berating one of the waiters for forgetting to remove her nose ring:


For when you need to confront James Bond in your underwater lair:

Only buy this one if you also possess a time machine that can take you back to 2012, when Mad Men parties were still a thing:


You can’t have this one, because I just bought it:


Note that according to the user who has these up for sale, “some of these jackets have had Mr. Gilbert’s name removed from the inner labels.” Get on this quickly if you want not just a bad coat, but one that might still have Dan Gilbert’s personal mark of excellence sewn to the inside.

h/t Thomas

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