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Want To Know What Jerry Sandusky Thinks About Penn State's NCAA Sanctions?

You really shouldn't. You shouldn't care what Sandusky, awaiting sentencing on scores of counts of child sexual abuse, thinks about his old football team not being able to play in bowl games for a few years. The penalties and the way they were handed down are controversial, and there are lots of smart people with smart opinions who'll be happy to share those opinions, but the last person's feelings you should take into account are Jerry Sandusky's, unless Sandusky wants to spill what he knows of how much Spanier and co. knew what he was up to.

He doesn't. According to Lawyerin' Joe Amendola, Sandusky was "beside himself" when he heard about Penn State's punishment. Of course he's beside himself, he's in solitary.

"He said, 'To do what they're doing to Penn State is so unjust,'" Amendola said. "He loves the program and he loves the university."


Sandusky told Amendola it's "ridiculous" to think Penn State higher-ups covered up his deeds. He also says he's innocent, and hopes for another trial to clear his name. So.


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