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Warren Sapp Defends Himself Against Sexual Harassment Allegations By Posting Photo Of Vibrator

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Warren Sapp was among the NFL Network employees accused of sexual harassment in Jami Cantor’s wrongful termination lawsuit against NFL Network. The Hall of Famer (who was fired by the network in 2015 after a solicitation arrest) made Cantor watch him urinate and gave her sex toys as presents, according to the suit:

Mr. Sapp also gave Plaintiff sex toys as a Christmas gifts three years in a row, showed Plaintiff nude pictures of numerous women he claimed to have slept with, and openly talked about his sex life in front of Plaintiff and other NFL employees, including supervisors.


Sapp told his side of the story today, claiming he was only in the suit because he’s “always the bad guy,” which, even if that were a remotely valid explanation, could have something to do with why a 2015 Las Vegas police report said Sapp bit and stomped his girlfriend at the time. He also admitted to gifting people vibrators, which were somehow not about sex.


Sapp continued to defend himself on Twitter with the dexterity of a bear opening a jar of peanut butter. He posted photos of the vibrators (or at least some vibrators) in his defense, as if the fact that they looked like tubes of lipstick would excuse everything. Sapp also said he “thought they was cute!” as well as, “You thinking Sex now?”


The vibrator in question is the Womanizer 2GO USB Rechargeable Lipstick Clitoral Stimulator, which retails for $169. It is “Waterproof for aquatic fun” and the website boasts features such as “6 levels of intensity” that can be “easily adjusted at the click of a button, increasing the contactless stimulation on the clitoris.”


Sounds like something that would, in fact, leave its intended recipient “thinking Sex now” and thus would make for an extremely inappropriate gift for a coworker.

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