TMZ has the exclusive on QB-Killa's bankruptcy, and it's grisly. Sapp owes $6.7 million to his creditors—nearly a million of that to the IRS—and only has $6.45 million on hand. Among that $6.45 million are some distinctly Sapp-y assets:

• 240 pairs of Jordan sneakers and sandals

• Large Nude women painting

• Lion skin rug (female - lioness)

Sapp, however, says he's lost his Buccaneers and Hurricanes championship rings. They're no "Large Nude women painting," but they might have helped ward off the creditors. Alas.

If nothing else: Shockey, it's your chance for the kill shot.


WARREN SAPP: I'M DEAD BROKE and I Lost My Super Bowl Ring [TMZ]