Warren Sapp's Worst Thing In The World

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Remember when Warren Sapp was relevant? OK, we don't remember that either. Anyway, the guy has finally retired, flipping out in his next to last game, just for good measure. What was the tipping point of his rage? Why, gay porn, of course!

No, really, that's what he said. We have no idea how we missed this.

"It was something that was really, really on the edge of like, gay porn. When it's real bad football, that's what we call it: gay porn.

Something you just don't want to watch. Something you just don't want to see on TV. Something you don't even want to talk about. That's gay porn."


We have absolutely zero doubt that when NFL players think of the worst, most vile, wretched notion they can conjure, gay porn is what their brains land on. Except for Aikman, of course.

(Come on, Troy, we kid!)

Sapp Retired After Too Much Gay Porn [The Realests]