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Golden State co-owner Peter Guber has sort-of apologized for an team-wide email he sent yesterday in which he seemingly joked that he had to learn "hoodish" to speak to some Warriors players. And by "apologized," I mean "offered an excuse that makes no sense."

The email from Guber, who also co-owns the Los Angeles Dodgers, came in response to one touting the diversity of the NBA and the Warriors in particular. It specifically named Andrew Bogut (Australian), Leandro Barbosa (Brazilian), Festus Ezeli (Nigerian), Ognjen Kuzmic, and Nemanja Nedovic (both Serbian).


Guber's response, from Yahoo's Marc Spears:

"I'm taking rosetta stone to learn Hungarian Serbian Australian swahili and hoodish This year. But it's nice."

Hungarian or Swahili aren't languages that any Warriors players speak, and Australian isn't a language, but OK.

Pretty much everyone in the organization saw the email, with at least one characterizing it to Spears as "offensive." So, late yesterday, Guber sent out another message.

"Someone just brought to my attention that an email I responded to earlier contains the word 'hoodish,' which I don't even think Is a Word, and certainly not the one I intended to use," Guber wrote in the email. "I intended to type Yiddish. Either my mobile fone [sic] autocorrected or it was typed wrong. In any event I regret if anyone was unintendedly [sic] offended."


"Fone?" Guber's totally forcing more typos to sell just how bad his typing skills are.

Secondly, we at the office just tried for way too long to get our phones to autocorrect anything to "hoodish." It's just not possible—unless you use the word "hoodish" a lot.


Last but certainly not least: he's really gonna do Barbosa like that and not even pretend to learn Portuguese?

Warriors co-owner uses 'hoodish' in email to team employees, says he meant 'Yiddish' [Yahoo Sports]

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