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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Warriors Owner Couldn't Deal With Sitting Next To Rihanna

Illustration for article titled Warriors Owner Couldnt Deal With Sitting Next To Rihanna

Photos caught Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob sitting next to Rihanna during Game 1 of the NBA Finals—and then, abruptly, sitting two seats away with his fiancée in between. It’s not what you think.


As it turns out, Lacob just could not put up with Rihanna cheering for the Cavs. Speaking at a panel on Friday, Lacob explained that he had specifically invited Rihanna to come sit near him, but quickly changed his mind.

She bought seats, paid a lot of money for them, and she can root for whoever she wants, right? But I thought I would be a nice guy and I took my two kids, who get to go to a lot of games and booted them down to the end of the court and moved her next to me, and said, ‘hey, sit next to the owner.’

“I thought I was being friendly. She was rooting for LeBron the whole game so finally I was getting irritated and I said, ‘I’m the owner of the Warriors.’ She didn’t care, she just kept going. So finally I said that’s it, and I moved a couple seats down. Everyone has it that I moved my fiancée next to her because she got upset that I was sitting next to Rihanna which is not true.”


Got it? It’s not that Rihanna’s siren song is irresistible. Exactly the opposite, apparently.

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