After last night’s Warriors-Jazz game, a local Jazz blogger named Ben Dowsett sent out some bad tweets about how the Warriors just didn’t have enough respect for the team that didn’t beat them.

Those are some pretty annoying tweets! Not only did Dowsett catch a lot of shit for them from Warriors fans on Twitter, he also drew the ire of some Warriors players.

Oh boy.


Making things even worse, Dowsett then admitted that he mischaracterized Curry’s allegedly disrespectful reaction to a question about the Jazz switching on defense, but maintained that his story about Green was true and that his overall point still stood.

Ben, my man, sometimes you just have to take the L and move on.

Nobody here comes out looking all that great. It’s stupid for Green and Bogut to call for tightening up the credential process just because one blogger sent some bad tweets. Dowsett’s problem isn’t that he was just hanging out in the locker room and not asking questions—that’s a perfectly okay thing for a reporter to do—but that he watched Draymond Green laugh at a fan’s tweet and thought, “This is something worth sighing and wringing my hands over.” All there is to say to something like that is, “Who gives a shit?”

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