Larry Johnson, most recently of the Washington Redskins and this misspelled jersey, has seen his once blossoming NFL career disappear. Now, a lawsuit regarding an inflection point along Johnson's precipitous fall from grace has disappeared too. Perhaps Johnson wants to know if his career can come back. The answer, say his knees, is no.

Some of Johnson's malaise followed his 416-carry 2006 season, after which he was never the same player. But more of his problems resulted from Johnson's off-field exploits, which include four arrests for varying degrees of assault against women.

Johnson's last arrest was in 2008—he was charged with non-aggravated assault for allegedly spitting a drink into a woman's face at a Kansas City nightclub. (Here's his bar tab from that evening.) That woman, Ashley Stewart, sued Johnson shortly thereafter, when he was recent Pro Bowl RB Larry Johnson, and not future UFL RB Larry Johnson.



Now, Stewart's agreed to settle out of court for the sum of $100k. Here's the letter (right; click to enlarge), provided to us by a benevolent tipster.

This news is kind of surprising for two reasons: it was only a few weeks ago that Johnson's attorneys were arguing for a venue change in the trial because Johnson could not get a fair trial in Kansas City. (We wonder what constitutes a fair trial in Kansas City: do they put the defendant on one side of the scale and Jason Whitlock on the other?) Johnson's lawyers argued that sports fans in KC didn't care for LJ, which, well, yeah.


Oh, the other reason: Larry Johnson really has $100k to spend? You realize 9.2 percent of the country is presently unemployed, right?

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