Here is the actual broadcast transcript of an interview that aired this morning on D.C. Fox affiliate WTTG:

We have a visitor who happened by, a zombie.

I've been at this a few years.

You're a pirate. I apologize. You're just checking things out?

Yes. I've been living in Alexandria about 650 years and this is probably the worst storm I'm expecting.

A pirate wouldn't be that afraid of a storm.

Well how do you think i died?

In all seriousness, you're taking a peek at this and then you're going to head into for safety. I hate to request and seem tacky but do you need a halloween costume or are you good to go.


Sometimes i dress up like a Barbie or something but it's hard this find a costume.

All right, Mr. Pirate. get home to safety okay? Take care. Again, kind of a light note out here but this is a very, very serious situation and a storm that needs to be taken seriously.