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Washington GM Scot McCloughan Nowhere To Be Found As Free Agency Begins

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Today’s the day NFL teams can begin officially talking to free agents, and the Washington Post reports Washington Redskins GM Scot McCloughan was not at the Skins’ facility today as the team began negotiations with players.

This only adds to the mystery surrounding the increasingly confusing and obscured relationship between McCloughan and his team. McCloughan previously did not travel with the team to the rookie combine, an absence that he unconvincingly attributed to the death of his grandmother. Before that, local radio host and Skins-employed mouthpiece Chris Cooley floated a story about McCloughan struggling with alcohol, which the team failed to publicly deny.


McCloughan’s absence today is just another indicator that something very weird is going on with him and the Skins. It is possible that McCloughan is not the team’s primary free-agent negotiator, but it is still strange for a GM to not even be at work on the first day of free agency.

Meanwhile, a reporter for the Loudoun Tribune tweeted a photo of a man in Skins gear who appears to be McCloughan:

The Skins aren’t offering any explanation for McCloughan’s absence. The Post spoke to notorious slimeball PR man Tony Wyllie about McCloughan’s absence today. All he had to say was, “We’re busy with free agency.” Thanks, Tony.

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