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The old "get rival player's phone number and call him 25 times in the middle of the night" gag recently spiced up the Washington-Washington State rivalry—especially after the offender forgot about about caller ID.

It seems a Washington State basketball fan ran into an old friend of John Brockman—the starting forward for the rival Huskies—the night before the "big" UW-WSU game last weekend. So he spent the bulk of the evening calling and texting Brockman in the hopes of giving him a sleepless night. Since Brockman had a career-high 18 rebounds the next day and UW won, I'm going to say that it didn't work.


But it got worse when Brockman decided to enact some revenge on the griefer via this message he posted on everyone's favorite web-menacing tool, Twitter:

Requesting all dawg fans to call (208) 625 0872 and tell him about the husky win......he called me 25 times last night.....let him have it!

James Monsey, the Washington State senior who started the whole thing, received approximately 400 calls from Brockman's Twitter army. (So I guess it backfired?) Both gentlemen seem to be taking the whole thing in the spirit of old fashioned sportsmanship and no one will be indicted. However, I suggest you throw away your cell phone and never go on the internet again.

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