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Washington Little Leaguers Don't High-Five Like You And I Do

I used to wonder about the Washington State Little League motto: "Revenge is a dish best served cold." Nothing about honesty and fair play? But now it makes perfect sense. And I used to think that the post-game handshake line wasn't worth recording ...

Washington state police are investigating a vicious sucker-punch caught on tape after a Little League baseball game. The incident occurred following a tournament game in Snohomish County over the weekend. As the teams were shaking hands after the game one player pulls back and strikes another in the face. The player who was hit and his family don't want to be identified, but said he was given stitches at a nearby hospital after the incident.

Having lived in Seattle, I understand this incident perfectly. There are only about two weeks' worth of clear skies there all year; you've been indoors for eight months, and by the time you finally get on the baseball field you're so frustrated you just want to punch somebody.

By the way, be sure to check out the comments section here. My favorite: "Only a punk would throw a sucker punch. There are at least nine guys on a baseball team. At least nine people should have been beating the crap out of this kid." — anonymous


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