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Washington has solved their running back problem the same way they solved their quarterback problem: by picking up an old guy. After losing second-round pick Derrius Guice to a torn ACL, then watching both of his backups get hurt, Washington needed some help in the backfield. I’m not really sure if Adrian Peterson is “help,” exactly, but the signing is very in-character for Dan Snyder’s team.


Peterson flamed out with the Saints last year before landing on his feet with the Cardinals. That one good week he had with the Cards was probably enough to convince Washington’s braintrust that the clearly washed-up Peterson was not, in fact, washed up. Maybe they just want a better scapegoat to keep the pressure off Alex Smith when the team inevitably shits the bed?

So, yes, Peterson may have lost most of his pop and he looks like an odd fit next to Smith, but he’s probably better than, uh, Jamaal Charles. It truly is a different vibe!

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