Every year, UK students camp outside Memorial Coliseum in Lexington for a chance at tickets to Big Blue Madness, the introduction ceremony for the Wildcats' men's and women's basketball teams. (It can get violent—Kentucky stations medical personnel at the race to the campsite—and that all this is done for tickets to watch the team practice tells you most of what you need to know about the role basketball plays at UK.)

Here's a time lapse video of this morning's festivities (via Kentucky Sports Radio) and we direct your attention to the yellow tent at bottom center. If our math is right, the time lapse video spans 40 minutes; they never do figure the tent out, though a later photo from the Lexington Herald-Leader shows the tent was, eventually, erected. Success!


Kentucky students still have quite a challenge in order to beat the record of a certain basketball coach 90 minutes to the west, who both pitched his tent and took it back down in 15 seconds.

[Kentucky Sports Radio]