Watch Bill Murray And Harry Caray Kick Off The Cubs' First Night Game

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Twenty-five years ago today, the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies played the first-ever night game at Wrigley Field. After having only played day games since claiming the park as home in 1916, the Cubs finally succumbed to pressure from MLB, which threatened that if the team ever won a pennant they'd have to host their World Series games at an alternate location, and installed lights. The game was, in typical Cubs fashion, a disappointment. It was called due to rain in the fourth inning, and wiped from the record books. The Cubs would play another night game the next night against the New York Mets, and win that one 6-4.

To commemorate the anniversary, MLB dug up the pregame introduction that Bill Murray and Harry Caray put on for television audiences that night. The clip is a wonderful bit of '80s nostalgia, and also a great opportunity to remember just how awesome Harry Caray was. (The first thing he did was hand Murray a beer, and his second question for him was, "How's your mother, by the way?") Enjoy:


And don't worry, 1988 Bill Murray. Scrooged is an awesome movie.