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Watch High School Football Player Shrug Off Tacklers Like Gnats

Punt returns for touchdowns have a certain formulaic quality to them. The blindingly fast return man catches the punt, perhaps breaks a tackle, and then weaves his way downfield into the end zone. As uncommon as they may be, if you've seen one you've seen them all.

That's what makes this punt return for a touchdown by Glenwood High School's (Chatham, Ill.) Austin Fay so damn exciting. Let's count the tackles he breaks:

  1. A gunner bears down upon Fay before he has a chance run, but Fay manages to turn and shrug off enough of the contact to stay on his feet
  2. Fay gets wrapped up and the tackler attempts to perform an unsuccessful suplex
  3. Two defenders—including the original gunner who missed a tackle—hit Fay but barely knock him off course
  4. After rumbling for 40 yards Fay gets hit, but it is the attempted tackler that falls to the ground
  5. Finally the second guy down the field tracks all the way back and tackles Fay from behind at the 5-yard line

I'll bet the only thing that can stop Austin Fay is a banner.


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