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Watch Highlights From A Summer-League Game In Which LeBron And Durant Do A Lot Of Dunking

The Goodman and Melo league teams played in front of about 5,000 people at Morgan State University in Baltimore last night. Carmelo Anthony had recruited LeBron James and Chris Paul to join the Baltimore side, which means that this game was much more Kevin Durant vs. King James than it was D.C. vs. Baltimore. The two guarded each other and even reportedly played some one-on-one defense; Durant finished with 59 points to LeBron's 38, but GoodmanMelo won, 149-141.

The highlights here are all worth a look, because it's a summer league game in front of a crowd that actually cares to react to spectacular plays—but if you're impatient, press the HD button and skip ahead to the 2:35 mark, when Juan Dixon finds Josh Selby from half court for a 360 alley-oop. I hope Selby, a rookie with Memphis, is able to share some floor time with Mike Conley next season, and I hope what we just saw becomes a set play for the Grizzlies. But this, I know, is what we call a lockout dream.


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