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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Jose Reyes is awesome at baseball—he bats .354/.398/.529 at the premier defensive position, and that's to say nothing of how exciting he is with a full head of steam, sliding into third after cracking one into the gap.

But, um, okay, this video for "No Hay Amigo" is the musical opposite of Reyes' baseball success. There's the crazy auto-tuning, there's his squeaky voice which could never intimidate—only charm—us, and there's the run-down hometown setting that doesn't quite mesh with the cars and jewelry. I also take issue with the Fat Joe wannabe who thinks he looks profound, menacing, and reflective walking around near the old stadium. He does not look like any of those things.


Alas, Reyes is still on the disabled list, so this is all Mets fans can get of him.

Via YouTube, h/t Gregg.

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