Watch Ron Burgundy Anchor An Actual Newscast In North Dakota

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There's a new Anchorman movie coming out, which means Will Ferrell is making the rounds in character—ranging from Dodge ads to Canadian curling coverage. Tonight, he dropped by the studios of KXMB in Bismarck, North Dakota to co-anchor the CBS affiliate's broadcast following the Alabama-Auburn game. Here are some of the highlights.


Ferrell's work showing up in tiny, sub-150 market segments isn't a new thing. His Old Milwaukee ads are famous for airing only in rural areas, and of course the stunt is to do it somewhere cheap and then get people like yours truly to cover it for a national audience. In this, I suppose they earned success; the execution, though, is lacking a bit. Tonight's Ron Burgundy newscast felt like a painful SNL sketch-turned-movie, and that's never good. [KXMB]