OK, if you haven't seen Sit Down: The Baseball Card Show with Phil Fiumano, then you're missing out on some quality local TV programming. "The smoking kills, you know?"

Since there's been so much talk about old baseball cards lately, I thought I'd show you this clip, which is an excerpt from a YouTube video I was sent this morning (longer version below). Fiumano is the producer of New York Rocks, a television show on Staten Island Cable that draws, according to his web site, more than a million viewers on Monday, Tuesday and Friday nights. Sit Down: The Baseball Card Show, which also features baseball card expert Brian Cotaquet (he's the one on the left), is just one in an eclectic array of entertainment segments, among them celebrity interviews (such as ... Miss America!) and live music.

Hey, how come I've never been invited on? You've wounded me deeply, Phil.

I've pretty much concluded that Phil Fiumano and his Paulie Walnuts interviewing style represents all that is right with America. Long live local cable TV, and long live short-sleeved shirts with suit jackets.


Sit Down: Baseball Card Talk [YouTube]
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